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    Zhuhai Zech Machine Co., Ltd is located in aviation industry township, where gathered many factories with advanced technology on metal proceeding machines and mold tooling.  Zech takes advantage of its accumulated expierence and regional demand, launched brand new "ZECH"machines, oriented to offer high end and stable grinding machines, CNC machines and milling mahcines .

    Zech is invested by HyFair(Grinding machine), Kent(Grinding machine), BaoLida(Milling machine) and Jinghao(CNC machine). All investors dispatched experienced engineers and skilled workers to support Zech factory running, aiming to create high-end, stable machine tools and provide complete set of metal& mold processing solutions.

    With excellent product quality and high level of service system, Zech has won good reputation among China grinding machine suppliers. In the past years, Zech has established close relationship with well-known enterprises domestic and abroad, such as state's aircraft manufacturer China AVIC and Guizhou Aviation Industry; Wold famous air conditioner manufacturer Gree, Home appliance giant Midea Group, USA electionics giant Flextronics.

    Nowadays, many countries are developing their own manufacturing industry, grinding machine and CNC machine demand is rising sharply, Zech will take this chance to set up overseas branches and manufacturing base soon, warmly welcome agents and partners to join us and grow together.

    Zech business range: 

    Machine castings, 

    Surface grinding machine, 

    Milling machine,

    CNC machine.

    Maintainance and repair service.



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    What kind of guide oil is used for grinding machine repair? There are many kinds of oil for grinding machine: guide oil, hydraulic oil, etc. The oil used for different grinding machines is different.


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